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In 'Freak', does it say 'I can't believe that Snape would try to hurt her'? Because I thought it was supposed to be from Snape's viewpoint.

Lauren Fairweather responded on 02/24/2013

It does! That song is from Lily's perspective, about her strained relationship with her sister. Snape didn't really care about Petunia or what she thought of him because she is a muggle who was kind of a jerk to him so I'm not sure he would've been as upset if it were him in that situation.

You can read the lyrics here if you need clarification on what you're hearing:

The songs on The Prince's Tale alternate perspectives between Snape and Lily, starting with Snape, until Lily dies. So:

Maybe (Snape)
It's Real for Us (Lily)
Gone (Snape)
Freak (Lily)
This Is It (Snape)
Lose You (Lily)
Worst Memory (Snape)
Mudblood (Lily)
Keep Her Safe (Snape) [Lily dies here]
Harry (Snape)

Sorry for the confusion! One of the reasons why I love this chapter so much is because I feel so deeply for both sides of the story, so I wanted to tell it from both perspectives. Also, songs with clarinet are Snape and songs with banjo are Lily.

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