Lauren Fairweather

I'm a new wrocker. How can I promote my music and find other new wrockers?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 04/01/2013

Yay! It's more difficult now that nobody uses MySpace anymore and everyone is spread out on lots of different social networking sites, but I feel like the current best place for finding wizard rock is YouTube. I find new wizard rock music by searching for wizard rock on youtube and filtering the search to find videos that were uploaded recently. It makes it easy to find, and you could make and upload videos of you playing your music to youtube where people who are searching can find it. Tumblr also allows people to search for things tagged with 'wizard rock', so you could upload your audio or video content directly to your tumblr or write in your tumblr about your band and link people to where they can hear your music. With tumblr, there's also the built-in possibility that it could go viral if a lot of people reblog it.

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