Lauren Fairweather

Lauren, I put up a vlog the other day, and the truth is I didn't actually mean to. I filmed it for fun and thought I'd decide later what to do with it. Somehow, people found out about it and sent me messages on my YouTube inbox. I'm only twelve and it's really freaking me out to be honest that people watched it. Do you think there is any harm in it?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 05/27/2013

You definitely have to be careful about putting things online... unless you mark it private, people can see it. And I'd even be careful about uploading things as private in case it goes public by accident. I've always been of the belief that the internet can do more good than harm, and it's helped me to explore a lot about my personality as I've grown up. Just keep in mind that the things you post may follow you as you get older. You never know what could go viral or affect a job interview in the future. But do use the internet for creative purposes, even when you're younger! It's a great way to cultivate your talents and meet people who you can share with and learn from!

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