Lauren Fairweather

Hey Lauren! Have you ever dealt with failure or not being told you're not good enough? x

Lauren Fairweather responded on 08/27/2013

Failure: Depends how you define failure. Not getting a part in a musical or a solo I auditioned for? Yeah, every time except one. Not getting into a college I applied to? More than half. But I wouldn't be who I am today without them, so are they really failures?

Being told I'm not good enough: I'm a YouTuber. That's like, the socially-accepted place where people go to tell other people that they're not good enough because it makes them feel better about themselves. Negative responses range from the disconnected "U sux" to the shallow "You look like you've been beaten with the ugly stick" to the unnecessarily mean "You hurt my eardrums. Get a job." to the violent "When I'm the next Hitler, you'll be the first to go", but the type that really gets to me is the disappointed "I used to love your music, but this is just horrible. Unsubscribing.". Occasionally, I'll get some actually constructive criticism, but it's pretty much never something that I haven't already realized myself.

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