Lauren Fairweather

Lately, I've been wondering what it would have been like if Snape got sorted into Griffindor instead of Slytherin. If you think about it, he does display great courage in looking past the way he's been raised to befriend and love someone whom his parents have taught him to despise (a muggle). If this happened, it's possible that he would have been better able to grapple with his darker side. What are your thoughts on this?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 10/24/2013

There are a few characters we know of who could've been in one house but were put in another, even if it was the less obvious one (as if the hat knew something the wearer did not at the time). At least with Harry, it came down to a choice. It's entirely possible that Snape was offered Gryffindor, but chose Slytherin. Snape was not taught to be kind or understanding in his house growing up, and he had just come off of a train ride where he was teased mercilessly by two Gryffindors who targeted him because he wanted to be in Slytherin. He clearly wanted Lily to be in his house with him, but due to his learned selfishness, I don't think that he would've caved into joining Gryffindor to make that happen. But if he did, I think you're right. It would've helped him by surrounding him with better influences. Though, it's also possible that being in even closer proximity to his bullies may have driven him to darkness even sooner.

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