Lauren Fairweather

Hi Lauren!
I'm a sophomore in college right now, and I really hate it. I just hate college and I know that I am never going to do anything with my degree, and the only reason that I am going to college is because of (a) social expectations and (b) a safety net in case one day I'll need a job that requires a college degree. But the truth is that I feel like I'm wasting my time and money, and I think about dropping out every day.
You have mentioned before how much you disliked your college experience, and as far as I know you're not using your degree for anything. So I was wondering: do you regret going to college? Do you wish that you had just not gone, or dropped out? Or was it worth it?
I'm just having a really tough time, because I don't want to spend all this time and money on something that's not going to be worth anything to me in the future.
Thanks so much for your time!

Lauren Fairweather responded on 10/31/2013

Those are pretty much my exact words. Every single one of those things was something I dealt with for four years. I don't regret going, but I had to put the life I wanted on hold in order to make it happen and it was a really hard, really miserable four years. I'm glad it's over, I haven't used my degree, but it's there in case I need it or I decide to go to grad school for something specific in the future. If I had to go back and do it again, I would wish that I had a better idea of what I wanted to do with my life in high school, I would wish that my parents had let me go for something creative like art or music like I wanted to, but the truth is I was stuck with it and I was kind of forced to go for something I didn't care about and by finishing and graduating, I earned the freedom to do what I love. Also I spent every ounce of free time teaching myself to do the things I wanted to study and auditioning for shows and a cappella groups and taking art classes with my electives.

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