Lauren Fairweather

What do you think of people who have only seen the HP movies and still claim they are 'true harry potter fans?' Oh and do you have the british verisions or USA verisons

Lauren Fairweather responded on 11/18/2013

People should be able to like whatever they like no matter who they are or what their circumstances are without being judged by anyone, especially the people who also like those things. If I were having a conversation with one of these people, I would probably suggest that they read the books if they really love the movies, since there is so much more great stuff in the books and they would probably love them too, but it is not my place to decide how true of a fan anyone is and it's up to them if they'd rather not read them. Maybe they have a disability that makes reading difficult. Maybe they're busy saving the world or doing something equally as important and don't have time for a lengthy book series. Maybe they just don't want to. I don't think that anyone should stop them from loving the things they love.

I have a few sets of the US versions, a full set of the British versions, and when we were in London this summer we bought a few copies of the UK books with new covers.

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