Lauren Fairweather

Would you be available to do custom plush commissions?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 01/03/2014

Right now, I cannot. It takes me a long time to design a new character and perfect the pattern, often requiring that I make many versions of the same one and tweaking the pattern each time until I like the way it looks. Because of that, if I were to charge a fair amount of money for the time it took me to complete, it would not only be very expensive for you, but also very unpredictable and therefore difficult (and sometimes impossible) to quote upfront.

Also, my priority is to design plushies that everyone has the opportunity to buy and enjoy so that I can keep my shop interesting and get people excited about it as often as I can. If I start taking on work that only one person can enjoy, I will not have enough time to run my shop and keep the items I want to make in stock.

I have done two custom plush commissions in the past, but they were one-time-only kickstarter rewards that cost $200 each and I do not feel comfortable continuing to offer that as a service.

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