Lauren Fairweather

Have you ever considered broadcasting on It might be cool. You could use it to give an impromptu concert every now and then or something. You don't know me, but I miss hearing you sing and stuff. I keep hoping I'll be able to make it out to see you live in person one day, too.

Lauren Fairweather responded on 01/09/2014

I've done quite a few online live shows, yes! I did a bunch for the Harry Potter Alliance's Equality for the Win campaign this past fall (one with the HPA, one for LeakyCon, and one on the fiveawesomegirls channel), I did old school blogtv shows in 2009, and I hosted the Project for Awesome livestream in past years. I often appear with my husband Matt when he does online concerts as well. Some of my in-person concerts while on tour have also been streamed online by audience members who brought their equipment and asked if it was okay.

I'm not familiar with YouNow as a site specifically. Lately, we've been using the Google Hangouts that get posted directly to YouTube to broadcast live. But if that's something you're interested in seeing, you should keep an ear out so you don't miss them the next time I'm live! I usually announce them on twitter @laurenmyrtle.

I know that the This Star Won't Go Out book release I'm playing at will be streamed on vlogbrothers, Feb 1st at 7pm EST.

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