Lauren Fairweather

Hi Lauren,
where did you get all the ideas for your harry potter songs?
Best wishes

Lauren Fairweather responded on 01/30/2014

Usually, I get ideas while I'm rereading the Harry Potter books. I'll get to a certain part or a line I like and think about what that would be like as a song, and then I might write it. For The Moaning Myrtles, we basically just bookmarked all of the times she was mentioned and wrote a song about each of them because there weren't very many. Almost all of What About Myrtle? was made up of songs about times that she should've been in the 7th book but for some reason, she wasn't. For The Prince's Tale, I reread that chapter a billion times and made notes until I had figured out a way to divide up the memories into songs that would work.

I know it might seem obvious to answer "Where do you get your Harry Potter song ideas?" with "The Harry Potter books", but that's how I do it.

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