Lauren Fairweather

Do you like the fanbridge widget

Lauren Fairweather responded on 02/06/2014

I'm not sure which widget you mean, so my thoughts on each:

Signup widgets have gotten really cute recently! The old ones worked fine but didn't really fit my branding, so I designed my own.

Fan questions widget is brilliant. I was asking for one of those for years so I was really happy that they added one. I use it on the FAQ page on my website.

Events widget had issues the last time I checked, which unfortunately, made it unusable for me. I posted my thoughts on the fanbridge support center, but to summarize, 1. Not enough room under 'additional info' for me to put my show details, links not clickable. 2. I'd like a field where I can add the lineup of bands and a link to the show information elsewhere. 3. Facebook event integration. 4. Bug when entering city, state, and event time (not displaying correctly). 5. Door time defaults at 7pm even when show starts at midnight. Would like option to not enter a door time.

I haven't tried out the video gating or Wordpress widgets yet.

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