Lauren Fairweather

How did you accumulate subscribers on any of your channels. I want to start a youtube channel but I don't know how. I am only a teen. Help?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 02/13/2014

I keep posting content that's as high quality as I can make it (at the time), and occasionally, people come across a video they like from me and subscribe to my channel. It's taken me eight years of making videos to get to 25,000 subscribers. When I started out, some people knew me from The Moaning Myrtles so I imagine that some of them came from that. Then, when I started doing fiveawesomegirls, a bunch of people who only knew the other girls or heard about us from fiveawesomeguys probably came over to my channel whenever they wanted to see more from me. Sometimes, people like what I do enough to share it with their social media networks and that definitely makes a difference.

It rarely happens overnight and you shouldn't let other channels' success impede you. Plenty of my friends who started making videos after I did have several times as many subscribers as I do, and I work at least as hard as they do. If you want to make videos, do it because you want to make videos. It's fun!

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