Lauren Fairweather

Hi, Lauren! I love your short hair, and I love my semi-short hair, but sometimes I look at pictures with my long hair, where it looks awesome, and I miss it a lil' bit. Do you ever miss your long hair? This is an odd question, but I just started wondering!

Lauren Fairweather responded on 02/13/2014

I never miss my long hair. In fact, I've noticed that in most of my nightmares, I've let my hair grow long again and it makes me feel really badly about myself. I definitely have found a hair length that I want to stick with for the foreseeable future. I feel good about myself and I have way more "good hair days" with short hair. I am ridiculously happy that I finally had the courage to cut it short and that I found a hairstylist who is really good at pixie cuts. Also my long hair did not look awesome, in my opinion, so that could also be why you're feeling that way about yours and I'm not. I was really terrible at styling it, but I've found that I am much better at getting my short hair under control.

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