Lauren Fairweather

So how do you customize your YouTube channel, like adding a channel trailer? YouTube suggests I have one, but doesn't tell me how. Or do you have to be a partner? Thannnks!

Lauren Fairweather responded on 02/13/2014

I have a little "+ channel trailer" button near the top of my channel when i'm logged in. I haven't made one yet, but when I clicked the button, a window popped up asking me to choose one of my videos to use as a channel trailer. When I do end up putting one together (I haven't really decided exactly what I want it to say), I'll upload it, then hit that button and choose it. I don't remember exactly how I customized everything else because I only had to do it once, a long time ago. Is there some kind of help article you could look up to walk you through it?

I assume that if YouTube is suggesting that you add one, it should be possible! But unfortunately, I can only see my own channel and if it's appearing differently because I'm a partner, I don't have a way of knowing. Last I'd heard, YouTube was adding a lot of what used to be partner-only functionality to everyone else on the site, but I don't experience that personally so I'm not exactly sure which options are available to you.

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