Lauren Fairweather

Hi Lauren! I love your videos and music so much! I was curious: If I were to mail you a piece of a paper or possibly my Hufflepuff tie, might you sign it and send it back? :)It would mean a lot to me. ^_^

Lauren Fairweather responded on 02/20/2014

Aww, thank you!

This is tough for me, as I'm always willing to sign things for people and take pictures and stuff in person, even at the expense of my voice and energy and time, but shipping is expensive, and it adds up. I don't know if I can promise to spend my own money to get you your autographs because if people started asking me to do that, even a tiny fraction of the people who subscribe to me on youtube, I wouldn't be able to afford to eat and stuff anymore. :( I feel bad.

However, if you end up buying any of my etsy crafts or physical albums online, you can always add a note in checkout asking if I could include a signed piece of paper or something. All of my etsy items come with a signed thank you note inside the tag. That way, you're already paying for the shipping and you get something I worked hard to make as well.

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