Lauren Fairweather

Are you having any special meet ups at Leaky? I would love to attend one! Also I just recently have started listening to your music and I"m afraid I won't know it all by the time Leaky comes, but I promise I will try by best! (:

Lauren Fairweather responded on 05/21/2014

I'm not sure yet! LeakyCon has arranged signings and meetups for me and the other musicians in past years, but they haven't announced that yet if they're planning on doing it again. If you want to say hi, I'll be spending most of LeakyCon in my booth in the vendor hall and at my merch table at the rock concerts (when I'm not performing or getting ready or going to other panels and things like that). I'll be able to share a more specific schedule of places you can find me once LeakyCon releases the full programming schedule! I will also be letting you guys know where you can find me during the conference on my twitter account, @laurenmyrtle. See you there!

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