Lauren Fairweather

How often do you read the books and how often do you watch the movies?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 07/15/2014

I'm guessing that you mean Harry Potter, and if you do, my answer is basically whenever I feel like it. I pretty rarely reread the books from beginning to end... usually, I'll remember a part in the books that I want to revisit and I'll start there. There are so many little details and moments and plots and stories within them that as soon as I realize I've forgotten exactly what happened, I like to remind myself with a reread.

I don't re-watch the movies unless I'm at someone's house and they're watching one. I don't own very many of them on DVD and I don't have cable television so I can't accidentally stumble upon an ABC Family Harry Potter weekend. I've always preferred the books so when I want to relive the stories, I reach for the books instead.

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