Lauren Fairweather

Lauren you are amazing, and truly talented!
I love your music (especially Post Potter Depression and Maybe), and I was wondering if you will be playing any shows in Louisiana? P.s. Your awesome

Lauren Fairweather responded on 11/30/2014

Thank you so much! I've played a few shows in Louisiana over the years (New Orleans in 2010 and 2011, Baton Rouge in 2009 and I was in New Orleans for the Harry Potter Conference Phoenix Rising in 2007), but unfortunately, I am no longer able to tour. That basically means that I can only play shows that other people are putting together and invite me to, and I need to be able to travel just for that show and then return home after rather than driving around and playing a whole bunch of shows all over the place like I used to. If someone organizes an event in Louisiana that works with my schedule and is able to raise the money to pay for me to get there, I'd love to come back for a show sometime! :)

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