Lauren Fairweather

Hi Lauren!
I would like to start making plusies like you (but for myself, not for selling) and I would like to know where are you buying your fabric? If you buy it online, can you give me the site? And I wanted to know how do you sew eyes on your plushies? Are they embroidered? Or if you do that by hand, can you show how you do this in a video? Thanks for answering and I hope you'll understand because english isn't my first language :p
Ps: I loooooove what you do.

Lauren Fairweather responded on 12/28/2014

I buy my fabric at Joann's Fabrics in person (not online) so I can get a better feel of the fabric before I buy it. My plushie eyes are small felt circles sewn on with whipstitch and I add a highlight using an embroidered french knot. I've shown this process in a bunch of videos, including both of these:

Quaffle Plushie:
Monster Book of Monsters Plush:

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