Lauren Fairweather

Hi Lauren! I just wanted to say thank you :) I absolutely love your music and you've inspired me so much. I'm a crafter and artist and huge Harry Potter fan as well and I just wanted to say thank you for how much your videos have helped me be more confident with my nerdy-ness and not feel so awkward about my love and appeciate for books and all things Harry Potter. Thank you :) Also, I was wondering if you had any positive things about GeekyCon/LeakyCon that I could share with my parents? It would be an absolute dream of mine to go but I'm only in high school and my parents aren't too sure about it. It seems like such a wonderful and amazing event to be able to attend! Sorry for bothering you with this, I just know that this is a very important event to you from your videos and was hoping you'd be able to share some positive things about it with me :) Thank you so much and I'm sorry again for bothering you!! Hope you have a good day!!! :)

Lauren Fairweather responded on 04/11/2015

Of course! GeekyCon&LeakyCon are, for me, a few days each year where I feel like I can be 100% myself. Their staff, guests, and attendees not only accept but celebrate the things that make us different. When I was younger, even my friends would tease me for liking books like Harry Potter. These conferences give me a place where I belong.

It's a safe and family friendly place with something for everyone to enjoy. A few years ago, my parents attended with my 14 year old sister. They had a great time!

If you're hoping to bring them along, the fact that they'd have the opportunity to see you in a place where you feel comfortable being yourself is really important. It's rare for teenagers to want to share the other side of who they are with their parents and this is such a great way for them to get to know who you've become. This is a positive thing that you can do together, that you're SO excited about.

Events like these helped me to become a much more confident and happy person.

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