Lauren Fairweather

Hi, I'm they guy who asked if you were still using the Sony nex 3n and i am looking to purchase this camera because I need a new camera really badly. And I only have one you think I will need more to get the quality that you have?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 04/17/2015

Unfortunately, the room I film in is very dark which isn't the best, haha. I've found that if I only have light coming from one direction, I get lots of shadows and while I'm lit kind of well from one side, the background looks super dark. So for me, I prefer to have all three (one from each side pointed at me and one pointing down on my head and my background). You should work with whatever you have though... it'll just look different! There are no rules when it comes to which technology you use to make youtube videos. People have been enormously successful just filming on a webcam with normal room lighting. Natural light from a window or two is still the best if you have access to it!

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