Lauren Fairweather

Do you sell at local craft shows? If you do, what tips do you have for product presentation and greeting people?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 04/20/2015

I occasionally do craft fairs, but I also end up treating the merch table at my concerts very much like a craft show. I'm not sure how much I can really help you in this little blurb, so I would like to do a video on this sometime! But here are some things off the top of my head:

-Keep the focus on your products... I've had people try to buy pieces of my displays instead of products and they were disappointed when I said no.
-Use height and various levels
-Extend your branding onto the table (choose a similar color scheme and theme, etc)
-Clear signage, easy to read, label things and prices for them. If you take credit cards, have a sign that says so!
-Leave space for people to see you behind the table! Makes it easier to interact if you don't have to climb around a big setup to help someone.
-I usually say hello and smile, then be quiet so people can look in peace. Some people like to chat, some don't, so leave space for them to do whichever makes them comfortable.

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