Lauren Fairweather

Hi Lauren, huge fan! Saw you a LeakyCon last year. I am an aspiring wrocker. So far I've only done covers, any tips for writing an original song for my music taste? this is one of my parodies: Thanks for the help and advice! --Lily

Lauren Fairweather responded on 05/26/2015

Your voice is so lovely! What a great parody and performance.

I get asked this a lot, so I made a video for my youtube channel a while back talking about my songwriting process and some tips that help me. The biggest thing for me (and the toughest, honestly) is just letting myself write, even if it's bad, because you can't get better if you keep stopping every time you think something you're working on isn't good enough. You can always rewrite lyrics you don't like or adjust a melody that isn't quite there. And even if you end up tossing the song entirely, at least you've learned something and maybe your next try will be better.

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