Lauren Fairweather

You are such a creative inspiration for me, I was just wondering what is your strategy for writing a new song, for instance, do you come up with a topic to write about and then comprise lyrics and chords or do you just write what comes to mind no matter if it fits the theme, like on your Prince' Tale album? Also... Side inquiry... Are your eps ever going to be on iTunes?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 07/27/2015

I actually made a video about this topic for my YouTube channel a while back! You might enjoy it.

As far as iTunes goes, I was pretty sure that all of my music is on iTunes at either or - except for the Bathroom Acoustics EP by my band The Moaning Myrtles which was exclusive to the Wizard Rock EP of the Month Club but is available in limited quantity in physical form at

Which EP were you looking for that you didn't find on iTunes? Was it that one or is another one missing for some reason?

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