Lauren Fairweather

Dear Lauren,
I've been your subscriber for quite a while and I admire you for how funny and positive person you are. I just love your Harry Potter diy videos! But my question is about one of your Q&A video I belive. In one of them you mentioned about your journey to London. I've searched for it to rewatch but I couldn't find it :( I'm going to go to London next week and I wonder if you could recommend me same HP related places to visit? I'll be raelly greatyfull for any suggestions!

Lauren Fairweather responded on 08/06/2015

Sure! Here are my London videos. If you need to find them again, here's a shortlink to my travel videos playlist: (you can also just search 'london' on my channel's searchbox and all of these come up!)

Trip to Platform 9 and 3/4 -
WB Studio Tour -
LeakyCon London -
LeakyCon London Ball Shenanigans -

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