Lauren Fairweather

Hi I'm 11 and my mom loves Harry Potter and I don't have a credit card but would you make her a Pygmy puff for her. And I want to get it for her birthday and it is in a week if you would I would be so happy

Lauren Fairweather responded on 09/08/2015

Unfortunately, I am really busy this week (and the next few months, actually) making new plushies for my etsy shop and working on videos for my youtube channel (I also am performing at a wizard rock concert this weekend that I have to get ready for). Also, a whole lot of people have been asking me to make them a pygmy puff and I've already announced that I'll only be selling them in person at my concerts and Harry Potter conferences. I'm sorry that I won't be able to make one for your mom's birthday!

The great news is that I spent the last few months working on this video so I could teach you guys to make them! You can even download the pattern for free. If you've never sewed before, I linked to a bunch of more detailed sewing tutorials for all of the stitches I used in the video. I'm sure that it would mean a lot more to your mom if YOU made her a pygmy puff yourself!

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