Lauren Fairweather

Hey Lauren! Before I ask my question I'd just like to say that I love your videos. You have such a sweet, kind spirit, and I wish I could be as kind as you are. It's really hard to be nice to people at times, but I feel like you do such a great job of being sweet to everyone, which is inspiring. You are also very talented, I listen to The Moaning Myrtles all the time, and I wish I could sow like you. Okay, actual question now: Have you every watched the show Friends, and if so, did you enjoy it?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 03/10/2016

I loved it when I was in high school (I own all 10 seasons on DVD) but recently, I started rewatching it when it was added to Netflix and I have to say, I couldn't even get through season 1. I still quote it regularly and I look back on most of it with fond memories, but the way LGBT characters are treated on the show was just too much for me this time around. I couldn't enjoy it the way I used to, back when I assumed that the closest representation of myself I'd ever see on television would be on the receiving end of constant tasteless jokes.

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