Lauren Fairweather

What's the difference between your solo music and your Moaning Myrtles music? I used to be a huge fan of the Moaning Myrtles but then I sort of lapsed, and recently I wanted to get back into it and so I googled your music, and it looks like most of it is by yourself?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 11/28/2016

Yes! The Moaning Myrtles is mostly piano-based music from the perspective of Moaning Myrtle, written by me and Nina Jankowicz. My solo music (Lauren Fairweather) is mostly acoustic guitar music written and performed by me about a wider variety of topics from lots of perspectives, including my own. Sometimes, I'll bring in friends of mine to perform using additional instruments, but it's usually just me.

You can hear all of my solo music at see all of my upcoming show information at and I post lots of video content, including music videos, at

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