Lauren Fairweather

Did you like Mockingjay or were you angry about it? Personally I was mad about a lot of it but I know some people liked it. I didn't really think it did the first two justice.

Lauren Fairweather responded on 01/05/2011

I thought it was exactly what it needed to be, but I missed the fast pace of the first two books. Even though it was just as intense, I kind of had to push myself to keep reading it because it kept losing my attention. I forced myself to finish it in one sitting because I wanted to know what happened.

I didn't like what went on with Peeta, but I very much appreciated all of the stabs that Katniss/Suzanne Collins took at the characters/readers who insisted on only caring about shipping in a series that is about so much more than romantic relationships. That is one of my biggest pet peeves with the way people seem to react to the series, and she handled it brilliantly.

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