Lauren Fairweather

Hey Lauren! I was just wondering if you have any advice for people who's parents think they spend to much time on the internet. I always get the comment that I need to spend more time with "3D" people

Lauren Fairweather responded on 02/13/2011

My parents did the same thing until I took them to a wizard rock show and a conference and they were all, "You know all of these people?" and I was all "Yeah, these are those 2D people you keep telling me to spend less time with". It's pretty difficult getting your parents to understand something they'll never really experience in that mindset, but I got lucky and mine are super supportive now.

My advice is to keep them involved. Especially if you're creating something like art or music or blogs or videos that other people are enjoying, your parents might be more supportive than you think. I mean, especially if these are the kind of people who put up everything you did as a child on the refrigerator whether it was actually impressive or not. Now that you're older, you might have to actually impress them for them to understand, especially when it's a little out of the box, but they might even be proud of what you've created; we have such an immense world at our fingertips.

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