Lauren Fairweather

What is your favorite ship (romantic and/or platonic) within 1) Buffy, 2) Angel, 3) Firefly, 4) Dollhouse, 5) HP, and 6) Hunger Games

Lauren Fairweather responded on 02/23/2011

1) Tara and Willow are adorable, and I love the way Spike interacts with pretty much everyone, 2) Angel and Cordy, 3) Wash and Zoe, 4) Topher and Victor as Topher = some of the funniest stuff ever, 5) Lily and Snape, and 6) I hate all Hunger Games romantic pairings because there is so much more at stake then who ends up with who and I'm tired of how much nobody seems to care about that, in both the books and their readers.

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