Lauren Fairweather

Why do you seem to never have any shows in Maryland, DC, Virginia, or Pennsylvania? I wonder because I would love to see you, or anyone does who sings Wizard Rock, but no one ever seems to come here.

Lauren Fairweather responded on 03/29/2011

I'm not really sure why I don't seem to play shows in those places, because I do play a lot of shows in some of those places. We don't play in Maryland a lot because we have a hard time finding venues there, but I have played two shows there and they were great. We don't play in DC because there are no venues there, but we do play immediately outside of DC in Northern Virginia on almost every single tour. And we're playing THREE shows in Pennsylvania just on this upcoming tour alone, which is only two weeks long so that's pretty impressive. You can always see my current, updated tour dates on my website right here:

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