Lauren Fairweather

How do you determine where you are going to preform? I live in a little town in SC, and SC gets skipped over by everyone. So the closest anyone has come was last year when you and Matt went to NC.

Lauren Fairweather responded on 04/21/2011

Well, first it depends if a willing venue in that place contacts us and either wants to pay for our travel expenses or they fit into one of our existing tours. If that doesn't happen, but SC just happens to be a good place to stop geographically, we'll try to find a willing venue there ourselves. If we do, we'll have a show there. If it's successful, we'll make it a priority to come back.

I played a show in SC back in 2008 and the venue didn't want to host our show at first because only 3 people came to another wizard rock show that they hosted. We had a few more than that at ours and it was fun, but we've found other places nearby that are located near more people who want to see us so we've made those a priority instead.

If you want to help us by finding a venue and inviting people you know who would come to the show, we could definitely consider playing there again.

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