Lauren Fairweather

What was the personal comment the hater jerk made that caused you to withdraw so much? I can't imagine why anyone would be so rude to such a sweet girl.

Lauren Fairweather responded on 04/27/2011

It wasn't just one comment. Things just kind of built up over the years. I just started to feel really violated, that I'd chosen to show the world who I really was and a few really rotten people took the opportunity to stomp all over me when I was most vulnerable.

It got pretty bad at the end of 5AG when I chose to be optimistic about what was on the horizon for me. Some people thought I should've been pretending to cry and acting like my life was over because I'm nothing more than a character on a television show to them and they wanted their grand finale. After that, I was pretty much done.

I could've gone about the last few years much differently, trying to make myself look like someone much more desirable and hiding the things I disliked about myself. But I decided to just be me instead. As a result, I learned to be confident and happy with who I am, but also put that person in a position to be ripped to shreds by the general public. I'm lucky that most of you guys are awesome.

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