Lauren Fairweather

Will you please add the lyrics to "In Which Moaning Myrtle Moans" and "Transparent" to... well... any place on the internet?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 01/12/2012

Again, if I'm remembering correctly.

Harry taught me how / to stick it to the man / even if the man's a woman / so I knew I had to start a band / I was sorted so long ago / That I forgot which house I was from / Until The Whomping Willow put me in the house of awesome / Because of wizard rock (repeats between every line in chorus) / I wear contact lenses and converse shoes / Harry asked me out and I refused / Haunting bathrooms isn't such a bore / I don't feel transparent anymore / We gossip with the Parselmouths / Cause we think they're awful pretty / And we don't mind having books thrown at us / when they're coming from the Ginnys / We didn't really know / Our Iowan geography (if you know what I mean / Until we played a show / and got in trouble with the Ministry / (Chorus twice)

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