Lauren Fairweather

Do you mind if people make one of your designs for themselves and friends?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 01/15/2012

I'm not sure which designs you're referring to (plush toys or t-shirts), but I would hope you'd buy them from me instead of copying them and making them for yourself and your friends. I feed and shelter myself, my husband, and my kittens with the money I make from merchandise and it costs a lot of money and time for me to design/make/stock them (we have thousands of dollars' worth of merch in our house that might not ever be sold). Often, I am not paid for the work I do (not all of the places I play can afford to pay for me to travel and perform there) and I can only hope that my merchandise and music earns enough to keep me going.

I appreciate you asking for my permission instead of just doing it. If you enjoy the items I design enough to want to own them, please consider paying a small amount of money to allow me to keep creating them.

You can buy my shirts and things here:

You can buy my plush toys here:

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