Lauren Fairweather

Everyone seems very interested in Doctor Who all of a sudden. What would you say to recommend someone to watch it, and how do you go about watching it (ie. on the internet, etc. in the U.S.)?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 02/13/2012

I got into it on the late side (watched pretty much the entire new series this past fall when the end of Season 6 was airing) but I love it so much. It's exciting, nerdy, heartwarming, smart, and wonderful. If that isn't convincing enough, I made my parents watch the Christmas special with me this past year and they liked it so much, they started automatically DVRing every episode that airs on BBC America.

I watched the first couple on iTunes, then signed up for Netflix instant when I knew I wanted to watch it all the way through so I could see the rest for less money.

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