Lauren Fairweather

What games do your cats enjoy? Do they like chasing paper balls? Seems like Sam owns you and Frodo owns Matt... Is that due to similar personality traits or more a case of opposites attract? :)

Lauren Fairweather responded on 02/20/2012

They like chasing anything, really. Pens, receipts, little foil candy wrappers (those make noise so they flip out), those fuzzy ribbon cat toys you dangle from a stick, the light your cell phone screen makes on the ceiling when it hits the sunlight at the right angle. They really, REALLY like the little pointer on the wii home menu that changes things colors and makes noise when you hover over things... they jump at the TV screen and climb up behind it and can't figure out why it isn't back there.

Yeah, Sam tends to stick with me and Frodo usually sticks with Matt. I guess I share personality traits with both. Sam's more of a cuddler, which I enjoy. Though they do choose to sit with each other and ignore us pretty often.

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