Lauren Fairweather

Hey Lauren, I know you've said before that you haven't been to these, but would you recommend I go to leaky or vidcon? Or could you direct me to someone who might help me? Thanks.

Lauren Fairweather responded on 03/14/2012

I've been to every LeakyCon and it's an incredibly wonderful event that I can definitely recommend. I haven't been to VidCon, but you already knew that because I've said it before. I've heard that it's lovely as well. The people who've been to both would probably just tell you to go to both because that was the decision they made so I'm not sure that finding people you don't know to tell you which conference to go to would really be all that helpful.

At the end of the day, it's your decision. Would you rather go to a YouTube conference or a Harry Potter conference with some YouTubers in attendance? Where are your friends going? Would you rather go to California or Chicago? Is June or August better for your schedule? Which conference has more events you'd like to attend? Which concert lineup has more bands you'd like to see? Is money an issue for you and if so, which is located closer to you or more cost-effective?

Do your research and make an informed decision.

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