Lauren Fairweather

Sometimes, you respond to YouTube comments, and I feel like you are sarcastic or snarky. :( Also, you never use smiley faces. So, I wonder, do you get offended by comments? I don't want to offend you!

Lauren Fairweather responded on 04/27/2012

Yeah, I've been reduced to tears on a regular basis. I wish I could stop caring about what people say. Often, when I don't make videos for a while, it's because I'm sick of working hard for hours only to be ripped apart and judged. The last few months of fiveawesomegirls were particularly difficult for me in that way.

I don't enjoy being judged by people who are inconsiderate of how their comments might affect me, and while some people say I'm asking for it, they are just convincing me that I need to stop making videos. And decreasing my already low self-esteem. I would just stop reading them entirely, but I enjoy interacting with the people who are considerate and supportive of what I do.

I should stop replying to them rather than being snarky but I want them to know they've hurt me so they'll stop.

I almost always use smiley faces when the comments I'm replying to are nice and make me happy. :) But you choose to pay attention to what you do and you can't notice everything.

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