Lauren Fairweather

How do you read the chords on your chords page? I am trying to learn your songs and I am kind of confused.

Lauren Fairweather responded on 06/01/2012

Each line of lyrics has the chords that are played during that line listed right above it. Listen to the song to learn when the chord changes, and change to the chord that is listed next.

Does it say "capo 5" like on "Gone"? If so, put a capo on the 5th fret of your guitar. If you're playing a piano, you'll have to transpose the chords up 5 half steps.

So the site says:

“How are things at your house?” She said.
I guess she believed me when I said fine.

Start strumming a G chord, Sing "How are things at your", switch to a C chord, sing "house... she said.", Switch to G chord, sing "I guess she believed me when I said" Switch to a D chord, sing "fine."

Some parts of songs that are especially repetitive might have chords written once over a whole section like the chorus of "Gone".

That means you keep repeating those three chords (Am, C, G then Am, C, G, and so on) for the whole section whenever you hear chord changes in the song until new chords are written.

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