Lauren Fairweather

Will you ever come to New Orleans? I'm a huge fan but there are NO wrock bands around here:(

Lauren Fairweather responded on 06/04/2012

I've played a bunch of shows in New Orleans! Most recently, last summer and the summer before that. I played a show less than two hours away in Baton Rouge the year before that, and I was in New Orleans for Phoenix Rising, the Harry Potter conference there in 2007.

You should consider getting on my mailing list so you don't keep missing shows near you! You could also follow me on twitter @laurenmyrtle and 'like' me on Facebook for notifications/updates on shows. I love playing shows there and it's likely we'll play there again if we can find a willing venue. Keep an eye out!

The best way to make sure that there will be a show near you is to find a place that is willing to host a show for us. Visit your local library and tell them that you want wizard rock! Have them email and Matt will see what he can do.

I know that The Remus Lupins played a lot of shows in New Orleans on their tours as well over the years.

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