Lauren Fairweather

Hey Lauren! I was wondering how you record ukulele tracks. I have a condenser mic, GarageBand, and very limited knowledge about creating "professional-sounding" recordings.

Lauren Fairweather responded on 07/05/2012

I use a condenser mic and GarageBand as well! I set up my mic so it's in front of the uke's soundhole and plug the mic into my Apogee Duet, which plugs into my computer. Then I set up a metronome in GarageBand. I usually keep the chords written down nearby in case I forget them. And then I hit record and play through the song until I get a good take. It seems like you have the tools... sorry if that's not more helpful, but there's not much else I do as far as recording goes.

I think that some of what makes a recording sound professional is mixing and mastering, which I am not great at and usually pay a friend to do for me.

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