Lauren Fairweather

I'm looking into getting a ukulele but I found out there are soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. How do you choose which kind to get?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 07/29/2012

The easiest way is to play one of each in a store and decide which is most comfortable. For me, soprano feels pretty cramped, concert feels just right, tenor is okay but not my favorite, and baritone requires learning a new tuning so I haven't really wanted to put in more time to learn one of those.

If you can't try any out before you buy them, I'd say go with concert since it's a good middle-ground one, baritone or tenor if you're a guitar player and want an easy switch (bari is tuned like a guitar, tenor is tuned like a uke), or a soprano if you have tiny hands and really want super portability and the classic ukulele sound.

Or just get one of each.

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