Lauren Fairweather

Do have any tips for figuring out the chords to songs? I know some people can do that, start singing and then figure out the chords, but I really can't, they never sound right for me

Lauren Fairweather responded on 12/13/2012

I start out by just looking them up online. If I can't find them and therefore have to figure them out myself, I usually look for a performance video of the song where I can see the artist's hand playing the chords. I can usually pick out a few chords by sight and use that to figure out the key and from there, it's easier to randomly play the other chords in the key until I find the ones that sound correct. It's pretty difficult and doesn't always work but I don't have a better way of doing it. I guess it helps that I don't play covers very often so I don't find myself doing this more than once a year.

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