Lauren Fairweather

I asked the last question :) I meant for everyone :)

Lauren Fairweather responded on 01/13/2013

Well, it's hard to say. As someone who gets tired of vlogging often (whether I run out of ideas or I'm unhappy with my camera or I can't deal with comments anymore), it would be weird for me to say that vlogging wouldn't get old for other people. There might always be someone who's interested in it at any given time since it's kind of a personal thing and people are different. I feel like whenever youtube changes its layout and content creators notice a loss in views because people have to dig just to find their subscriptions, people are less likely to have the motivation to make videos. But that doesn't mean they'll stop entirely or that people won't want to see their videos.

In a longer scheme of things (decades into the future), I guess the current range of vloggers may get older and have less time to dedicate to vlogging, so it depends whether new people continue to start vlogging, whether youtube still exists as a website, and loads of other factors.

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