Lauren Fairweather

Just a thought: I am a massive wrock fan, but my sister and I were thinking, wouldn't there have to be an entirely new generation of bands for it to continue? Are bands still being founded?

Lauren Fairweather responded on 01/29/2013

I looked on YouTube and Google real quick and found these newly started bands (or people who recently started writing wizard rock, not sure if they have a wizard rock band name or not):
-Gadding with Ghouls
-Penelope Clearwater Revival http://penelopeclearwaterrevival.bandcam...
-The Kayteebells
-Anna Stephenson
-Ellie Brown/theWE/neondreamscollide on YT
-Hayley Carr
-mothereffingbooks on YT
-TonksftMemories on YT
-Dan Walton
-Crumple-Horned Snorkacks

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