Lauren Fairweather

I am part of a wizard rock band in the making and I was just thinking... it seems like people buy into jokey kinds of songs like 'Hippogriffs Deserve to Die' and 'What Kind of Name is Hermione?'(cont)

Lauren Fairweather responded on 02/11/2013

(the other half of the question was, "I was kind of hoping to do it a bit more un-jokily - do you think people would still like it?")

I mean, I wrote an incredibly serious and depressing wizard rock album called The Prince's Tale that I put my heart and soul into. People seem to like it more than anything else I've ever done, which makes me very happy.

One of the great things about wizard rock is that there are so many bands and so much music out there (over 800 bands last I checked!) so you're bound to find quite a variety. You should do what feels most true to you and your style of music rather than what people seem to buy into.

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